here i go kids updates may or may not be slow since this is a whole new school and idk how it works shrugs shrugs shrugs]]

cliking the humanTesticles button lead to gumshoe and terrors

but damn 

i got some gr8 friends outta it

Anonymous whispered: do people ever make fun of you because the clothes you mostly wear are pink and purple? and those are kinda considered girl colors


even then

pink isnt rlly a girly color??

i mean like before tht dude 

wat hitler?? i thikn this was ww2 not sur

but b4 that happened pink wa s more manly and viberatn while blue was more girly and calm

w8 why are we evn sexualizing colors

ask-roxy-tg whispered: ro lalooonde hwo u doin boi


i am gr8 brp hows it goin over there

hawkscape whispered: Hey R, thought you would like this. *gives you giant inflatable mattress that's covered with faux pink fur* It's bouncy.



sorry for leeving so soon

got caught up in the memes lmao 

but yeah ask is stil open kids!



does anyone else see Mom Lalonde?

#gonna get me some baker dad dick

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